“The passion of Cambridge students for a fossil free world

28 Jan “The passion of Cambridge students for a fossil free world

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the best replica bags Former India captain Dhanraj Pillay believes the Indian hockey team is at par with the world premier outfits in terms of speed in this age of hockey has changed a lot. What we played was based more on skills. But today hockey is not like that. This is why Cambridge students have gone on hunger strike’It is our belief that this critical moment demands radical action’Cambridge says its investment in fossil fuels is ‘neglible’ and has established a Working Group on Divestment whose final report will be considered by the university council on Monday (May 21).(Image: Warren Gunn)”On Monday, the University Council will make a crucial decision on the issue. It is our belief that this critical moment demands radical action,” said one of the striking students.The student, who did not want to be named, said the hunger strike was not a “choice” in this stage of the divestment campaign.”Over the last few months, Cambridge Zero Carbon has been constantly escalating our campaign, drawing immense support from across the student body,” she said.”The passion of Cambridge students for a fossil free world, and their willingness to express their convictions to the university, has been continually expressed.”Yet the university management has yet to make a firm commitment to divestment, ignoring the demands of those who it supposedly seeks to represent, educate and support.”(Image: Warren Gunn)The Replica Hermes uk hunger striking student said the experience so far had not be “comfortable” and would grow more difficult the longer it lasted.She added: “However, it should be noted that anything we might suffer during the course of this campaign pales in comparison to the ordeals of those most affected by climate change usually those living in the world’s most deprived, vulnerable and marginalised communities.”I would like to stress the fact that none us sees ourselves as victims in this process. We desire our action to focus attention, not hermes replica de centre it, from those making the greatest sacrifices as a result of climate change.”Cambridge Zero Carbon claims that university is estimated to have million invested in fossil fuel companies, both directly and indirectly.It says repeated requests for more information on the investments have been refused.Another hunger striker, Sam Warren Miell, said “We have exhausted all democratic channels to full divestment and so we are left with no other option but direct Hermes Handbags Replica action the best replica bags.