That issue is that though I “know” myself

13 Ago That issue is that though I “know” myself

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Canada Goose Outlet I a teacher equally frustrated by the system, with some degree of computer knowledge. I wrote an Applescript that sends off a benign keypress every 14 minutes or so to BCeSIS (while it locked), just so I kept on the system. Works like a charm. That just one example, and for the buy canada goose uk sake of time I leave it there, but I think it indicative of a larger issue with myself and perhaps other INFPs. That issue is that though I “know” myself, or at least can analyze my behavior and seem like I have a good grasp of why I do what I do, I feel like I am incapable of controlling that behavior. I dispute that I have the greatest ability to influence my inner workings. Canada Goose Outlet

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