And their behavior was so strange

24 Jan And their behavior was so strange

or believed to have seen

I used to live outside of Houston a couple years ago. Was inside of a Ross store shopping for kitchen items when an older man in his 50’s or 60’s came in with a girl around 5 or 6. Nothing out of the ordinary until you could tell the girl Canada Goose Outlet had on dirty clothes, was uncomfortable, and the man was grabbing her arm pretty roughly whenever the girl would squirm. They were shopping for girls clothing and I guess as the girl kept struggling the man was getting more and more visibly angry. They left the store and then only he returned inside to finish the purchase of the clothing.Now in Texas and some other states whenever they have an amber alert they put up the description of the cars and the license plate on these big electronic signs that are up and down the highways.I guess when the girl and man left the store he put her in the back of his suv and returned to the store. Someone saw this and recognized the license plate. There were about 30 people in the store including myself, the man in question, and the workers. About 5 minutes after he came back in the store alone, 10 12 SWAT officers canada goose store came storming in the front door and asked one of the clerks if they had seen a man that fit the description of the older man who was with the child. A few people who had noticed the commotion when the girl was in the store before pointed the man canada goose out and he was arrested. The girl had been kidnapped in south Texas about 10 days prior. They found her tied up in the back of the suv and went through about a 3 hour interview process with all of us in the store. man claimed to be his uncle but little boy said he didn know him or where his mom was so i called the cops and alerted employees not to let them leave. boy did turn out to be kidnapped maybe 45 min earlier from a store in the same area. i assume the guy was hiding in kohl under the guess that mom would keep looking in the store he was taken from and then the parking lot of the shopping center but not other stores. nobody else seemed to notice or care so i glad i was in school for child care at the time and took more notice to children than usual (that sounds creepy as hell but i mean it in a “studying behavior way)I not sure if this counts. When I was in high school two girls I was somewhat friends with (we ran in the same crowd, but I never talked or hung out with them alone) ran away because they were being threatened with rehab. They were missing for about a Canada Goose online week, at least they were missing from their parents. I was with the group of other friends and we were going to a house to smoke weed. We slipped through a wooded area and found both girls who were there talking to a guy who was apparently canada goose deals housing them during this time. At that point I didn think anyone knew where they were because it was so hush hush. One day, one of those white missing Canada Goose Parka person cards came in the mail, and it was a picture of a guy, also named Chris, who looked exactly canada goose outlet like the guy in my class. There wasn a doubt in my mind, but I didn say or do anything canada goose clearance sale because I figured he was an adult, and he seemed so mature and together, I figured if he wasn in contact with his family, he must have his reasons.I never forgot it, but I thought about it more recently since I saw his case come up again. I went to college near Seattle, and his parents did eventually receive a letter from Seattle claiming to be from him. It been so long, I don think my saying anything at this point would be of any help. But again, this was an adult. If it was a missing child you spotted that be canada goose coats on sale a different story. Or if you saw a missing person who was obviously not fully functioning or coherent. I don think you need to feel guilty. The person you cheap Canada Goose describe from your class seemed to be perfectly capable of making decisions and attempting contact if he wanted.I always say things are not always what they seem behind closed doors. Maybe his family wasn the greatest, and he has legitimate reasons for abandoning them. But if they weren abusive or whatever and he just doesn want to be in the family, this is shitty to do to them. If he alive he could just give them a call, or write them a letter with info only Chris would know (so police can debate the legitimacy), and tell them he doesn want to talk canada goose coats to them. That all.A few years back, a young English girl named Tia Sharp went missing in London, and the case received national attention. I a bit older than she was, but apparently sharing some characteristics (glasses and brown hair) made us look similar enough that a group of 20 somethings/older teenagers made a point of causing a fuss when they saw me through the window of my mother car, waiting at a traffic light. They pointed at me and shouted something along the lines of “there that missing girl/there Tia,” assembling some interest from pedestrians in the process.What I found strange, both at the time canada goose black friday sale and in hindsight, is that they didn actually attempt crossing the street to verify their suspicions. They just made a bit of noise (seemingly earnestly enough, but who knows?), and let us drive off. As we never received any follow up, I can only assume nobody was a good Samaritan enough about it to, say, give my mother number plate to the police or something. I think what bothers me the most is that if I had been a missing child, nothing would have come of me being like that. Physically seeing the person wasn enough to inspire anyone to pick up a phone.Tia Sharp herself had been dead a week or so at that point, her step grandfather being responsible. Because of the incident above, I still think about her sometimes. He fathered two children with the oldest and held all of them in his house for several years as a harem of sorts. He would not let them out of his sight and only took two of them with him when he go shopping.”He is charged with statutory sexual assault and indecent assault on one girl, who is now 17, beginning when she was 14 years old; rape of a child, statutory sexual assault and indecent assault on a now 15 year old beginning when she was 11; rape of a child and indecent assault on a 13 year old beginning when she was 10; Canada Goose sale indecent assault on a now 10 year old, starting when she was 6; and involuntary deviate sexual intercourse and indecent assault on an 8 year old. “At some point they both started going to the bathroom frequently, and seemed to be doing something stronger than just cocaine. The girl started to get extremely anxious / paranoid. Eventually they left.Awhile later I rewatched Brianna Maitland’s ep of Disappeared and canadian goose jacket couldn’t shake the feeling that it was her. I thought the girl was pretty so I obviously looked at her a lot, haha. And their behavior was so strange. But also maybe just my memory playing tricks on me?This was in a small town and he was the only person missing so they identified him fairly quickly. As I remember he would walk everyday from where he lived to a relatives buy canada goose jacket house. It was just a few blocks. One day, it was thought he became confused and headed the wrong way. He was off the road by about 300 feet into buy canada goose jacket cheap the woods. It was a bit of a fluke I stumbled across him. I walked down to the area because there was one tree limb blocking our line of sight with our survey instruments. Even then, I noticed scattered bones but was not really worried. Animals die in the woods and you do come across bones like that. When I saw his skull though, my heart jumped into my throat.

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